Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy Mitten Pattern available soon

The smallest pair of mittens can be tucked into the cuff of a warm jacket. I also crocheted a simple chain and inserted in at top of cuff to be tightened to keep out the snow and I think it adds character to this pair of mittens. Might be cute for larger pairs too. I think all three pairs could be either for a male or female.

I used 2 skeins of Maine worsted weight yarn: 4 oz/250 yards each. I still have 2 oz left to make a simple hat?

I have this yarn and will post it for sale soon on my website. Kelly of Romney Ridge Farm has this yarn for sale now. After I make adjustments to my mother's old mitten pattern I'll have the pattern forsale also. Her pattern tapered the tops of the mittens nicely and had a left and right mitten. I like the easier pattern of rounded tops and the thumbs are either right or left. Should be a nice pattern for beginners or for someone as busy as I am!

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