Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter - Goat Feeder

This is Bette Boop, my colored Angora Goat. She is in my goat feeder so she can eat in peace without the bigger does picking on her. The funny thing is, is that this is suppose to protect the feed from the goats. The little ones go under it and the bigger ones can get in it or pull the hay out of the top. The bottom part is suppose to hold grain or spilled hay. When it gets soiled they don't touch it. So - - - Bill has promised to build a frame around it and make a shelter over it. Maybe this spring or if I'm lucky in a week or so. Will add to his to do list.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lilly, Hybrid Angora Rabbit (1/2 Satin, 1/2 German)

Lilly is my "old lady" and had a hair cut 2 days ago. She will live in my house until her hair is at least 1 1/2 inches long and we have some warm days. She gave me 4 oz in 3 months and it is a beautiful off white color with brownish tips. The cuffs of the knitting needles are the beginning of a pair of socks. I am using yarn I had spun at Green Mountain Spinnery. It is a blend of wool 60% and Mohair 40%. I am using tuffs of Angora around the top, strips and for the toes and heels of this pair of socks. I am hoping to keep this pair of socks and testing them to see how they hold up. The wool gives me the elasticity, Angora Warmth and the Mohair is for strength.