Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wool Jacket with Rug Hooked Flower and Angora Yarn Blanket Stitched around Cuffs

I purchased a red wool jacket at a local thrift shop and then rug hooked a pretty wool/Mohair/Angora flower on the lapel and blanket stitched in Angora yarn around the cuffs. What fun to use your imagination in creating a one of a kind item that can be used often! Tomorrow I plan on needle felting items above the blanket stitching. Another easy technique. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Homespun Slippas

Slippers are made from the following 3 farm animals: Emma, Opal and Eva. Check them out below. I would love feed back on these slippers. Do they last longer than regular wool yarn slippers? It is said Mohair is as strong as wire per diameter, Angora is 6 times warmer than wool and then you have wool that has memory. These slippers weight about 6 oz and start out large and can be felted to a medium with one wash or two washes and smaller the more you machine wash them.

To order a pair in white or color you like using Cushing dye check out my website: www.spinnakeesfarm.com . Remember I crock pot dye so colors will vary and will probably be splotchey (gives them character!). Price will be $45 and that includes shipping.
If you visit my farm in Augusta to buy them, I'll take 20% off all you buy!!

5% Angora Rabbit Fiber in Slippers "Emma"

30% Wool: My fiber animals

65% Mohair - "Eva"

Monday, January 22, 2007

Buck/Rams' Shed - occupied 1/1/2007

1/1/07 My husband, Bill, finished my Buck/Rams' Shed. This shed was built to keep us safe, provide shelter, and an exercise area for my 3 studs. This shed has made my job a lot easier. I can feed, and water the boys in one area. This shed area will also help when we breed our girls again as there is ample room for breeding and the boys won't have to work to hard. We plan on putting them back in their pastures when spring comes.

11/25/06 my husband started this "new" project to make my job easier. My son, Andrew, shown in front of my husband put in 2 good days of hard work.

11/30 - This is my husband putting metal roofing on my shed.

12/24 - Bill attached pig panels to posts he secured in the ground to make a safe area for them to exercise in.

Here are my 3 boys in their new pens. Great shelter and exercise areas.
The girls like to follow me around and check out what is going on with the boys.