Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Homespun Slippas

Slippers are made from the following 3 farm animals: Emma, Opal and Eva. Check them out below. I would love feed back on these slippers. Do they last longer than regular wool yarn slippers? It is said Mohair is as strong as wire per diameter, Angora is 6 times warmer than wool and then you have wool that has memory. These slippers weight about 6 oz and start out large and can be felted to a medium with one wash or two washes and smaller the more you machine wash them.

To order a pair in white or color you like using Cushing dye check out my website: www.spinnakeesfarm.com . Remember I crock pot dye so colors will vary and will probably be splotchey (gives them character!). Price will be $45 and that includes shipping.
If you visit my farm in Augusta to buy them, I'll take 20% off all you buy!!

5% Angora Rabbit Fiber in Slippers "Emma"

30% Wool: My fiber animals

65% Mohair - "Eva"

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