Friday, March 25, 2011

Spinnakees Fiber Farms' "Primitive Lavanda Stuffed Wool Bunny"

Pattern, Lavander, Pearl Cotton, Wool Stuffing from my sheep, and a sharp heavier needle.

This primitive bunny is about 10" tall and made from wool cloth. I used clean wool scrapes from my Olde English "Babydoll" sheep for stuffing and about 1/2 oz of Lavender buds.

As I blanket stitched (I used pearl cotton, which has a nice sheen to it) around this bunny I filled it with the stuffing, which made stuffing it so much easier.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spinnakees Fiber Farm purchased an amazing cake from Kennebec Custom Cakes

Jessie at her Baby Shower. Jessica her best friend writting down gifts and friends names.

Cake from Kennebec Custom Cakes in Augusta, Maine. The cupcakes had minature grasshoppers on them.

This cake was so tasty, and the frosting was just right. I had to call Jessie and ask for her to same me a "few" slices. Of course for the rest of the family not for me!

Hard to telling with the lighting, but the frosting was a light green.

Spinnakees Fiber Farm's Jersey Woolys

This is Daniel feeding one of our Jersey Woolys. He is such a cutie and loves a pat, his hay and food. I use the little poopies in my plant pots for fertilizer. I have 2 for sale if you know anyone looking for a great pet.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spinnakees Fiber Farm

This is Unise with her lamb, Ursala. She is starting to gain weight and looks like she will have a nice blocky "Babydoll" type body. I love the ears! Will have lambs for sale this summer. This is our first lamb! She is really sweet and mom is great. Had them both out yesterday checking everything out. Last years lambs were scared of her and kept their distants. Interesting.

Spinnakees Fiber Farm "Lavanda Pom Pets" and Easter Baskets from roving!

These are so much fun to make. The middle "Lavanda Pom Pet" is suppose to be a Sheep. I'm working on another and hopefully it will look less primitive! I crocheted the 2 outside baskets and knit the middle one. The 2 outside ones have little handles. I hope to sell these at Kennebec River Artisans in Hallowell, Maine.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Olde English "Babydoll" Southdowns

March 13, 2011, Unise of Spinnakees' Fiber Farm had a ewe lamb. This is a picture of moma talking and cleaning her baby, and baby talking to moma!

First drink, have to have that colostrum to get all the nutrients to survive! She was up and walking in a few minutes. Healthy baby!

Of course she looked away when I took her picture.
Taking a break. She weights 2 1/2 pounds!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spinnakees' Fiber Farm "Slippas"

One slippa finished and the other is almost done. I love this "Babydoll"/Angora worsted weight yarn. I call it watermellon! Yum! Okay back to knitting and not eating. I worked alot on my website today and also with Dell, which helped the speed of my computer. Thank you lord!

With all this rain I had to save my chickens from their terrible plight. I had over 8" of rain in my barn. My chickens were on everything available. Half of them are in my cellar this evening. I was worried they would freeze. So much for knitting. I plan on at least finishing the last "slippa" tonight before I fall asleep. Next pair, as I promised, will have Mohair decorating them. I'll have "Fairy Slippas". Good nite!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spinnakees Fiber Farm "Slippas"

Kelly Corbet of Romney Ridge Farm use to publish a cute flyer "We Fiber Folk". In this publication I gave her a pattern "Slippas". This was to be used with a bulky homespun. If using worseted weight, which I am, you need to either change needle size or cast on more stitches. If you are interested in knitting these "Slippas" you can either purchase the pattern from me, or buy a skein of my "Babydoll"/bunny from and I will include the pattern, if you request it.

The above yarn is very soft and I am using one strand, if you want a more durable slipper use 2 strands.

I had to work on my income taxes yesterday so "no knitting". This am I have all the ridges done for the bottom of my slipper. Now to start the decreases.

This picture shows the bottom ridges of foot and decreases to top of slipper. My sheepees think this is the best pattern to show off their wool. Tune in later for finished "Slippas".

Next pair of "Slippas" I plan on using some of my goats Mohair around the cuff and maybe a little in the bottom for strength & to give them a primitive look. This is a picture of Birdy (front right), Letty (front left) and Letitia (in the back peeking over).
They all give me beautiful Mohair!