Monday, March 7, 2011

Spinnakees' Fiber Farm "Slippas"

One slippa finished and the other is almost done. I love this "Babydoll"/Angora worsted weight yarn. I call it watermellon! Yum! Okay back to knitting and not eating. I worked alot on my website today and also with Dell, which helped the speed of my computer. Thank you lord!

With all this rain I had to save my chickens from their terrible plight. I had over 8" of rain in my barn. My chickens were on everything available. Half of them are in my cellar this evening. I was worried they would freeze. So much for knitting. I plan on at least finishing the last "slippa" tonight before I fall asleep. Next pair, as I promised, will have Mohair decorating them. I'll have "Fairy Slippas". Good nite!

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