Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lilly, Hybrid Angora Rabbit (1/2 Satin, 1/2 German)

Lilly is my "old lady" and had a hair cut 2 days ago. She will live in my house until her hair is at least 1 1/2 inches long and we have some warm days. She gave me 4 oz in 3 months and it is a beautiful off white color with brownish tips. The cuffs of the knitting needles are the beginning of a pair of socks. I am using yarn I had spun at Green Mountain Spinnery. It is a blend of wool 60% and Mohair 40%. I am using tuffs of Angora around the top, strips and for the toes and heels of this pair of socks. I am hoping to keep this pair of socks and testing them to see how they hold up. The wool gives me the elasticity, Angora Warmth and the Mohair is for strength.

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AD said...

Happy to see you posting again. I check in on your blog every so often. The 2 bunnies I got from you (Hagrid II and a Fawn female)over a year ago are doing great. In fact if I can get my act together I am hoping to breed them early this spring. Hope you had a great holiday. Anna