Friday, May 29, 2009

Olde English "Babydoll" Southdowns - twins

This is Bertha with her small twin ram lambs. I had to supplement the little black one a couple of feedings. They are both running all over the place now. It is amazing how quickly they grow. So far we have 5 ram lambs and 2 ewe lambs.

Doesn't Armaretta have a cute head. I'll have to take pictures again soon as she is really pulling together nicely. I hope to video tape all the lambs in action tomorrow. They all run around as soon as I let them out of their night quarters. Too cute!

This is Bailey with her little white faced ewe lamb. Her grandmother was Kluer and both Mother and daughter look like her. She should be called "Armaretta". She is really layed back lamb.

Here is "Black Beauty" again. It's funny, but the little ram lambs were picking on her today and she just tolerated them. She is just starting to nibble grain. She is a mommy's girl. I'm going to hate docking this tail. Very nice sturdy lamb.

This is Aida with her beautiful black ewe lamb. I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful black ewe. I'm nick naming her "Black Beauty". Aida herself is one of the prettiest ewes that I have. Having lambs takes alot out of them. Today I couldn't believe how good she was looking compared to this earlier taken picture.

This is Hazel with her son, Hercules. He is a keeper. He reminds me of his dad, Roy Orb. Nice compact body, cute face, nice and square and rugged.

Carmen a few days before the twins were born! Last year she had black twin ewe lambs!

Carmen had these 2 beautiful big ram lambs (meaning big for Babydolls). Where is your scale when you need it. Both are spotted with darker legs and heads. Too sweet for words. Mom is wonderful! Again no help from me and this is her 4th set of twins. All I had to do was provide fresh water, hay and iodine for the imbilical cord! Too easy. They were very eager to nurse.

June 6 and 7th is Fiber Frolic. If you attend, please visit me at booth space 87 in the Dairy Cattle Barn. I hope to bring the older twins with me. I plan on clipping one of my German Angora Rabbits "Olga" at this event and I'm hoping she will pass the confirmation and oz of wool needed to become a registered German Angora. We have a judge that will be attending to determine this. Olga is looking really good right now. Wish me luck.
I also have cute needle felted items and "Designer Yarns" made from my critters fiber at Kennebec River Artisans in Hallowell, Maine.

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