Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rug Hooking Sisters at my Farm, Midlighta, IAGARB, Sheep/Goat Hay/Grain Feeder

This is a recent picture of my rug hooking group "Rug Hooking Sisters" on a foggy day. We share stories, good food and hook most Mondays. This is a day we all look forward to for many reasons. This was a small group because my road is so muddy this time of the year. Thank you ladies for coming. Some of these pictures may be seen in www.woolstreetjournal.com. Wool Street Journal is the only primitive rug hooking magazine in the United States. One of our group, Julienne S, www.juliennes.com, was recently in this wonderul magazine. Look for Paula B. with her own primitive designs next month. See Vicki and Vivian pointing to her rug in the middle? Too funny! So much talent!
This is Midlighta my Colored Angora Goat. One day Midlighta decided to marry Midnight. She used her "Wearable Art" to entice him into marriage. Their offspring can be seen at Spinnakees' Farm or viewed at www.spinnakeesfarm.com. She is now located at Kennebec River Artisans, 130 Water Street, Hallowell, Maine again she is showing off her Wearable Art at this unique shop of Maine Artisans.

March 7, we had a shearing party at Sherri C.'s beautiful new log cabin. We hope to register these same rabbits at Fiber Frolic, June 6, 2009 thru IAGARB (International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders). To be registered these rabbits have to have about 11.5 oz of Angora in 90 days.

This is a picture of 2 Corriedale Ewes I recently purchased from K. Plummer/B. Yost. Thank you! These big girls are so gentle and love their grain treats. Aren't they cute!
Here is a picture of my husband, Smokey, and our son, William. You have got to love them. I call this quality time? This is the beginning of a hay/grain feeder.
I now have 20 sheep and 4 goats to feed. This building is 8' long and, when done, will feed them on both sides and give them shelter while eating. I'll beable to walk inside and put either grain or hay into openings on both sides. Will send pictures, if all works out as planned. My old Premier instructions are where I got this idea.

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