Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Colored Angora Goats & White Angora doe and twins

This is Petunia with her twin 4th of July kids! They were the smallest kids born on our farm and are growing nicely. Petunia didn't quite know what to think of these 2, but has grown into a wonderful caring mom. They cry and she runs. I love to pick them up and feel them melt in my arms. Too sweet!

This is a new black buck I purchased from Julie. The white doe behind him is the mom of my blond doe kid.

This is the Blond Kid doe. Her fiber is very silky and thick. I have been working on taming them. They come within a foot of me now. I have picked up the above black buck and the red buck pictured next.

This is my new red buck kid. Not as dark as Bette Boop, but wonderful confirmation and light red coloring. He is very handsome. I have to decide which buck I am going to keep as a buck and which one I should wether. It will be a hard decision!

This is a head shot of my red buck kid with blue eyes.

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