Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Magic Friends out of "Knitter's Stash", Primitive wool rabbit and cat and pattern to be done in Locker Hooking from wool roving

The Primitive rabbit and cat are done in wool cloth and stuffed with wool scrapes. The whiskers are mohair or Angora with Angora/Mohair tuffs in the cats ears. A cat similiar to this one was lent to me from my good friend Nancy and her friend Brenda gave it to her for Christmas.

The yarn above is being used to make a cat (the picture shows the 2 legs on my options needles) out of a pattern from the book: Knitter's Stash. I am using homespun yarn from my agouti (color of a wild bunny) Angora rabbit, and the red yarn is a stran of wool/Mohair/Angora to give it a touch of color. I'll take a picture of the completed cat and post it when done - hopefully in a day or so. In the background is the pattern of an Angora Goat I plan on locker hooking.

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