Sunday, November 26, 2006

Farm Animals

Spinnakees' Farm is located on Togus Pond in Augusta, ME and run by Betty, Bill and 3 active boys (Andrew, Daniel and Stephen). We have had our farm for about 25 years. We raise Registered Angora goats and colored Angora goats, Pedigreed German Angora rabbits and Hybrid rabbits, Registered Olde Babydoll Southdown sheep and a Registered Cormo sheep, and Keeshonden (Non-Sporting Breed originating in Holland as Barge Dogs). Weekly (Tuesday will be my goal) I would like to share something about my wonderful animals, projects and shows I will be attending to help promote and pay for my amazing animals.

Bette Boop is a colored Angora Goat. She has a sweet aloof personality. Her first years fleece is her kid fleece. I hand sheared her in August and got a beautiful, crimped, soft, fine fleece. I have made one lace scarf and I have also used it in some of my needle felting. I am afraid of wasting it, but I want to share it too.

This is the lace scarf I made with her fiber. Can you see the luster?
The blue flowered bag has tendrils of Bette Boops' fiber needle felted into it to give it interest.
I will demonstrate how I needle felt these bags. Kits and materials available at Annual Harbor Lights Show, December 2 at the Boothbay Harbor Fire Station. Will also give a free spinning lesson with purchase of one ball of roving (If not busy at the show, 20 minute lesson or 1 hour at my home)!

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